Flooring that made your kitchen look cool and contemporary decades ago may be the reason it’s looking drab and tired now. However, many homeowners who want to replace a kitchen floor don’t have the budget to replace the cabinets as well. One solution might be to refinish or paint your existing cabinets for an updated look, but that’s not possible for the flooring material. 

You can still think about replacing kitchen floors without removing cabinets, but it will depend on the type of flooring you currently have and what you want to install. Flooring materials come in different thicknesses and styles, so not all of them work with existing cabinets. Thankfully, working with a contractor like JD Kitchens Baths & More prevents these kitchen floor remodeling mistakes and helps the budget stay on track.

Read on for the benefits of replacing floors without replacing cabinets. Then, schedule service with JD Kitchens Baths & More, Marietta’s kitchen remodeling company, for that flawless kitchen flooring installation you’ve always wanted.

The Benefits of Leaving Cabinets in Place 

If not all flooring options work with existing cabinets, why not just take them out? Well, there are a few benefits of leaving your cabinets where they are, including the following:

Use Less Material to Save Costs

Your kitchen cabinets take up more room than you might realize. Why spend money on flooring you’ll never see? Replacing kitchen floors without removing cabinets means you will decrease the new flooring material’s square footage requirements than if you had to install it under the cabinets. 

Enjoy a Shorter Installation Timeframe

Installing flooring around existing cabinets allows the contractor to finish the job in a much shorter time span. You’ll get back to your daily routine as soon as possible and enjoy the new kitchen floor.

Stay on Budget Throughout the Project

If you use fewer materials and your contractor will finish quickly, you widen your options. You can choose the flooring options you dream of in a modern kitchen without going over budget or delaying the job unnecessarily.

Know What Type of Flooring Works Best

Do you want new flooring on top of your existing flooring material? Choose a thin option like linoleum or laminate. Installing a thick material might lower your cabinet base, and you may discover the altered height is awkward.

Is your existing flooring a thick material like tile? Replacing it with a thinner material could make your counters seem too high. So, the right balance is crucial.

Why not work with a professional contractor like JD Kitchens Baths & More to help you choose the right flooring material? The team will also use a floor leveling compound to even out any low spots in your exposed base flooring.

Refresh Your Kitchen Floor in Marietta, Georgia, Today!

Successfully replacing kitchen floors without removing cabinets is possible when you work with experts like JD Kitchens Baths & More. With over 18 years in the industry, the real-world experience brought to every job ensures beautiful tiles for kitchen floors or anything else you’d like to install in Marietta, Georgia, or the surrounding areas. Call 770-516-1602 today!