Removing Kitchen Cabinets Safely: Why Let the Pros Handle It?

If you’re ready to upgrade your kitchen cabinets, you can paint them for a quick improvement, or you can replace them altogether. Removing kitchen cabinets might seem like a simple do-it-yourself project, but the job takes more skill and experience than one might assume. Kitchen cabinet removal could be dangerous without the right tools, skills, and precautions.

The kitchen remodeling experts in Marietta, GA, from JD Kitchens Baths & More know what it takes to remove cabinets safely and efficiently. Here’s why we say removing kitchen cabinets is best for the experts to handle.

Reasons To Hire Professionals for Kitchen Cabinet Removal

Removing kitchen cabinets from the wall takes more than removing screws. Though you could possibly save money with a DIY cabinet removal, you can ensure a satisfactory job, minimize your stress, and enjoy these benefits with professional help.

Save Time and Money

Expert cabinet installers have years of hands-on experience and training, so they know how to quickly and safely remove and install cabinets. Top-level professionals can also construct custom cabinets to ensure a perfect fit, even in kitchens with uneven walls and flooring.

The result of their experience is time and money savings for you. Without the right experience, it will take you longer to remove your cabinets, especially when you factor in removing the countertops and the kitchen sink to get rid of base cabinets. Making a mistake will cost you more time and money to account for buying the extra materials and making repairs.

Enjoy a Safe Installation

Though cabinet removal and installation seem simple, they can be dangerous. Cabinets are heavy and bulky, which could be problematic if you have to use a ladder to address wall cabinets. You could injure yourself if you aren’t careful.

Prevent a Crash

When removing kitchen cabinets to install a new set, you must ensure that the mounts can support the weight of the cabinets. A problem people have with DIY cabinet removal and assembly is failing to mount the cabinets to the studs behind the wall and only putting screws in the drywall.

Without the right support structure, it’s easy for the old or new cabinets to crash down, resulting in damaged cabinets, ruined dishes, and a collapsed wall.

Ensure All Measurements Are Correct

When professional installers disassemble your old kitchen cabinets, they will take thorough, accurate measurements of your kitchen to ensure the new cabinets fit all spaces perfectly. They follow the “measure twice, cut once” rule to guarantee great results. Your cabinets won’t be uneven or have gaps between the wall, appliances, or adjacent cabinets.

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For a proper kitchen cabinet installation, look no further than JD Kitchens Baths & More in Marietta, GA. Thanks to our kitchen remodeling team’s skills and years of experience, removing kitchen cabinets and installing new cabinetry is a breeze. After 18 years in the remodeling and construction industries, we know how to provide quality services at affordable prices.

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The following article was reviewed by Harry Harshaw, who has worked as a Contract Construction Site Inspector III/PDMG/Validations Specialist for FEMA through AECOM/NISTAC, assessing damages, estimating costs, and ensuring code compliance.