Many homeowners overlook the important role lighting plays in kitchen designs. Lighting goes beyond illuminating a space at night because it can also bring the whole room’s look together. Embracing modern kitchen lighting ideas can undoubtedly enhance your space if you want to revamp your kitchen.

As Marietta’s expert kitchen remodeling company, JD Kitchens Baths & More has ample experience recommending and installing eye-catching lighting for all types of kitchen designs. If your Marietta, Georgia home has a modern kitchen aesthetic, here are some of the best lighting ideas to consider that could complement the entire room.

1. Glass Pendants

You can’t go wrong if you install simple glass hanging pendants in the middle of your kitchen. The small frosted glass coverings go over LED lighting and will fill the room with an inviting glow. The look of the hanging lighting fixtures will look good in your kitchen without drawing too much attention if you want your cabinetry or appliances to be a stronger focal point.

2. Sconces

One of the best modern kitchen lighting ideas includes forgoing hanging pendants in the center of the room and installing a series of wall sconces. A line of sconces high on a wall will give the room a sense of symmetry while providing enough illumination to cover the kitchen in a warm, inviting glow. 

If you like the idea of using sconces, take your kitchen design further by matching the lighting fixtures to the hardware in the room. For example, if your cabinets have gold accent handles, choose sconces with a similar gold hue to create a cohesive kitchen aesthetic. 

3. Glass Globe Trio

This stunning light fixture features three standalone fixtures hanging over a kitchen island with a visible light bulb in the middle of transparent glass globes. The lighting fixture itself can be brushed or polished gold or silver, which will give the charming fixture a sense of drama and sophistication.

This simple yet elegant design is wonderful for mid-century kitchens with a modern design, especially if the room features other elegant touches like marble surfaces or metallic hardware. 

4. Branched Lighting

Branched lighting fixtures are truly modern in their design, making them beautiful additions to a contemporary kitchen. Instead of hanging the fixture from the ceiling like pendant lighting, it has three or more “arms” that branch out, giving the fixture a spider-leg effect. On the ends of each arm is a bulb with a sculpted shade. 

Branched kitchen lighting might look complicated, but it’s quite simple. The spacing of the bulbs will flood the room with light, while the sculpted shades give the overall fixture a unique feature for the kitchen.

If you prefer symmetrical lighting, you can install branched lighting that extends in a straight line with pendant lighting hanging from the bar at different lengths. The shades can also be simplistic and identical instead of sculpted. 

5. Single-Stem Pendants

If your kitchen lacks the space for a centralized dining table or kitchen island, yet you want the look of pendant lighting, consider single-stem pendants. Perfect for small, modern kitchens, these lighting fixtures have spaces for multiple bulbs and shades hanging from a single stem. It allows the room to have illumination from multiple directions without taking up too much space.

6. Red Lantern Pendants

If the kitchen in your Marietta home has a pink or coral color scheme, a trio of red lantern-style pendants is a perfect addition. Hang the lighting fixtures with even spacing and height over a dining table or kitchen island to create a gorgeous contrast against the soft pinkish hues around the room. 

7. Antler Statement Lighting

Kitchens can bring a piece of nature indoors with antler statement lighting. This sculptural lighting effectively hides the bulbs when the light is off. Yet, when you turn the light on, the horns will glow splendidly. 

8. Statement Chandelier

If you desire a lighting fixture that brings both drama and elegance to your modern kitchen, installing a statement chandelier is one of the best decisions. Statement chandeliers serve as hanging artwork that also provides lighting. They tend to be oversized with multiple layers or tiers to give the fixture dimension. 

9. Layered Kitchen Lighting

Make your kitchen brighter and create a unique focal point with layered kitchen lighting. Group multiple overhead lighting together in a centralized area and varying lengths. Though the design requires the strategic placement of each fixture, the finished look will appear effortless. 

10. Statement Lantern-Inspired Lighting

Lantern-inspired hanging pendants are ideal for a modern farmhouse kitchen. The fixture itself might look simple, yet by adding oversized clear glass shades, the pendants will have a dramatic flare that turns the lighting fixtures into statement pieces without detracting from the rest of the room’s appearance. 

11. Multiple Small Pendants

One of the best modern kitchen lighting ideas is to install many small pendants throughout the room. By creating lines of small pendant lighting, you will get plenty of light in the room while having a simple statement piece for the kitchen. If you think having rows of lights will overwhelm your kitchen, consider creating lighting zones with separate switches. 

12. Colored Pendants

Your light shades don’t have to be clear or have a metallic hue to add to your modern kitchen’s aesthetic. If you install simple pendants as your kitchen’s overhead lighting, go for colored shades. This idea works well if your kitchen is predominantly one color since the shade will give the space a welcomed pop of color. 

13. Semi-Flush Mount Light

Give your modern kitchen a mild retro feel with semi-flush mount lighting. This lighting fixture includes a simple design that sits almost flush with the ceiling, creating effective overhead lighting. As a bonus, choose a fixture in a fun color to create a simple statement piece. 

14. Wooden Cage Pendants

Opt for wooden cage pendants for an earthy look in your modern kitchen. The cage covers the bulbs like a traditional shade, but the wood helps bring out the wooden accents throughout the room. This type of pendant lighting works well at bringing different colors and textures together to form a cohesive interior design using the room’s natural elements.

15. Brushed Gold Sconce

Another unique sconce idea is a brushed gold sconce with an exposed lighting bulb. Instead of enclosing the light bulb behind a shade, this sconce features a brushed metal plate between the light and the wall, causing the bulb’s illumination to bounce off of the plate and reflect light into the room.

This type of sconce is functional and stylish. Consider incorporating this modern lighting idea if you want a simple way to add accents to a dark-colored wall. It’s also suitable for small kitchens since a larger overhead lighting fixture could overwhelm the room. 

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