Do you look at pictures of renovated kitchens and wish that you could achieve the same look in your home? Coming up with a luxury kitchen design isn’t that hard when you collaborate with professionals who will take your vision and bring it to life. Discover how Marietta’s expert kitchen remodeling team at JD Kitchens, Baths & More will transform your kitchen with these eight essential features.

1. Spacious Kitchen Island

Most homeowners who want to remodel their kitchen put an island as the number one thing on their wish list. You can find plenty of reasons why most luxury kitchens include this feature. Not only does an island provide you with more counter space, but it creates an easy way for you to gather and entertain.

Your kitchen will feel more inviting with an island that you and your loved ones can gather around, whether it be during a major holiday or at breakfast every morning.

2. Built-in Refrigerator

When it comes to modern kitchen design ideas, most experts recommend tucking the refrigerator among your cabinets. Built-in appliances give your kitchen a contemporary look and help save space as well. This popular remodeling trend will make your kitchen much more cohesive than buying a separate, bulky refrigerator.

3. Hidden Trash Location

No luxury kitchen design features an overflowing, stinky garbage can out in the open. Designers take care of this problem by creating a hidden space for trash and recycling bins. These bins can still sit in a central location but will be out of sight either by tucking them beneath the sink or in their own pull-out drawer.

4. Lazy Susans

For many homeowners, they can never have too much storage space. Luxury kitchen cabinets may look amazing, but they need to offer ample storage. One simple way to increase your cabinet storage is with a lazy Susan.

You can store pots, pans, pantry items, and much more in a corner cabinet with this feature. The two-tier design makes it especially easy to fit more objects in a small space.

5. Integrated Light Fixtures

Whether preparing dinner or rummaging the kitchen for a midnight snack, you need decent lighting. Most kitchens only use one main fixture to light the entire space. However, integrated lighting makes a far more practical option.

Many of today’s luxury kitchen designs include integrated LED lights underneath the cabinets so you can have ample lighting in every part of the room. Enjoy plenty of light above you while you chop vegetables on the counter, or create a calming ambiance by only keeping cabinet lighting on rather than an overhead fixture. You can even install lighting within your cabinets or drawers that will automatically turn on when you open them.

6. Smart Kitchen Features

Modern technology elevates what it means to have a smart home. Incorporate some of these features into your luxury kitchen design to make your life easier. Some popular gadgets you can add to your kitchen include:

  • Smart appliances
  • Wi-Fi-connected meat thermometers
  • Smart home hub to set timers, give cooking reminders, and more

7. Functional Sinks

Your sink gets more use than you may think. It’s the spot where you wash dishes, fill up glasses, wash your hands, rinse vegetables, and more. Therefore, it’s essential to have a functional sink that will accommodate your needs.

Several sink designs can fit the aesthetic of your kitchen, such as a clean stainless-steel basin and faucet or a traditional farmhouse-style sink. Both of these options work great in any luxury kitchen design because they look modern but offer incredible functionality, too.

8. Double Ovens

Much like a built-in refrigerator, you should consider cabinet designs that allow for double ovens. It gives your kitchen a heightened sense of luxury but will also make a huge difference any time you have to cook for a crowd. The main oven provides plenty of space to bake your food, while the secondary one helps keep smaller dishes warm.

If you love to entertain, you need this one feature in your new kitchen. Impress your guests with how easy it is to prepare a full meal thanks to your ample oven space.

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This article was reviewed by Harry Harshaw