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Harry Harshaw is an experienced construction professional based in Atlanta, GA. He has expertise in overseeing complex building sites, concrete science, construction product development, and project controls. He has worked as a Contract Construction Site Inspector III/PDMG/Validations Specialist for FEMA through AECOM/NISTAC, assessing damages, estimating costs, and ensuring code compliance.

Harry has also worked as a Senior Project Manager for FLUOR/Atkinson and CCPRS – Georgia, managing large-scale construction projects and ensuring compliance with quality control standards. He has experience in estimating damages and costs using RS-Means and cost-sharing techniques, and is skilled in managing multiple projects simultaneously.

In addition to his work in construction, Harry is the owner of H2O Barrier Technologies, where he developed, patented, and marketed solutions for sealing surfaces and integral additives using a patented non-toxic waterproof sealant and cement protector technology. He spearheaded the development of next-generation concrete additives and formulated innovative water-resistant and waterproof polymer cement mix designs. Harry achieved $3.6M in gross sales over 2 years for private label agreements and established four private label accounts with technology companies in different markets.

Harry also worked as a Project Manager for Craftsman Unlimited Inc., where he bid on commercial and residential projects and facilitated the procurement of materials from pre-planning to completion. He successfully managed daily workflows and ensured cohesion between departments while effectively communicating with permitting, architectural engineers, structural engineers, and construction companies to achieve project objectives within scope, timeline, and budget.

Harry holds a Bachelor’s degree in Network and Telecommunications from Devry University. He also has several patents to his name, including Grout and Mortar Compositions Patent US-2014187732-A1 and Method to render surfaces water repellent Patent US-3659751 with PCT/US2011/043017.

Overall, Harry Harshaw is a highly accomplished executive with a wealth of experience in the remodeling and construction industry.

Harry Harshaw

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Job Title: General Manager

Gender: Male

Languages Spoken: English

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